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Home_page-_League_of_Women_Voters_of_Maine.pngWe believe it will reduce negative campaigning (...) because candidates will need to appeal to a broader range of voters for first- and second-choice rankings to build a majority of support. 

Ranked-choice voting also helps create a richer and, hopefully, more civil dialogue on the issues and increases the diversity of views available for voters to consider by allowing candidates from outside the two major parties to compete.

—League of Women Voters of Maine

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Ranked Choice Voting

The Problem

The Problem

When voters feel like they have to choose between the lesser-of-two-evils, that's not real choice.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Ranked choice voting gives every voter a meaningful vote.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Check out our Activist Toolkit to advocate for better elections with ranked choice voting.

Where it's used

Ranked choice voting is used in cities across the country 

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Baltimore City Council Advances Bill to Adopt Multi-Member Districts

by Michelle C. Whittaker

The Baltimore City Council gave initial approval to a charter amendment to change the council from 14 single-winner districts to 7 two winner districts. We hope the council will include ranked choice voting and districts with three or more representatives.

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Maryland Governor Hogan Writes to President Obama on Redistricting Reform

by Austin Plier

As Maryland's state legislative session draws to a close, Governor Larry Hogan has turned to President Obama for support in his effort to establish an independent redistricting commission. Regardless of President Obama's response, Democrats in Maryland are wary of taking action, for fear of exacerbating the national skew toward Republicans.

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John Kasich Draws Votes from Ted Cruz More than Donald Trump

by Rob Richie

Not a single Republican presidential primary this year has been won with more than half the votes cast. Recently both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have suggested John Kasich should leave the Republican race because he's getting votes that otherwise would go to them. A new national poll asking head-to-head comparisons shows that Cruz is right -- Trump's 10% lead shrinks to just 2% without Kasich.

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