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Alexis: It's important that my son knows his voice always matters.Voters in cities and states across the country are turning to ranked choice voting to give themselves - and future generations - better options. That’s what Alexis W. of Maine shared with us.

"It’s important that my son knows his voice always matters – that he does have a say in a democracy that is of the people, by the people, and for the people. That’s why I gathered, sorted, and filed thousands of petitions for ranked choice voting over the past several months. Ranked choice voting won’t fix all of the problems with our politics, but it will put more power back in the hands of voters. It will make politicians more accountable to people by encouraging candidates to appeal to more voters to win elections."

Learn more about the historic campaign to make Maine the first state to use ranked choice voting for statewide elections.

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Why RCV for Congress

The Problem

The Problem

Winner-take-all elections create polarization and a striking lack of competition.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Ranked choice voting gives every voter a meaningful vote.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Pass the Ranked Choice Voting Act in Congress to fix gerrymandering.

Stunningly Uncompetitive

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