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FairVote educates and empowers Americans to remove the structural barriers to achieving a representative democracy that respects every vote and every voice in every election. As a thought leader and catalyst for change, we are at the center of research, education and advocacy about ranked choice voting ("instant runoff"), a constitutionally protected right to vote, a national popular vote for president, and, most fundamentally, fair representation voting forms of proportional representation.

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    Thank you to Krist Novoselic and FairVote Board!

    // April 22, 2014

    One of FairVote's great assets is its terrific Board of Directors, with long-time members including the New Yorker's Hendrik Hertzberg and former Congressman and presidential candidate John B. Anderson. Since 2008, our chair has been Krist Novoselic. Krist combines being a famous musician with hands-on involvement with FairVote and its policies. It has been a big month for Krist, as Nirvana was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and we wanted to thank him and the rest of our Board for their service.

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    The Effect of Fair Representation Voting on 2013 Cambridge, Massachusetts Municipal Elections

    Andrew Douglas // February 20, 2014
    Cambridge Report Cover

    Cambridge, Massachusetts is the only municipality in the United States to elect its city council through the at-large form of ranked choice voting, a form of fair representation voting. This report examines the effects of this system on the city’s 2013 city council and school committee elections, with a particular focus on comparing the outcome of the city council contest with the results of a simulated election using an alternative system: winner-take-all block voting.

    For more FairVote reports, visit the Research & Analysis section.

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    • A Constitutional Right to Vote

      June 24, 2013

      It is widely believed that “the right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which other rights are protected.” Many are surprised to learn, then, that the right to vote is not explicitly protected in the U.S. Constitution. Amending the Constitution to include an explicit right to vote would make it clear that this right is in fact fundamental. It would ensure that voter challenges to election rules would force governments to justify practices that curtail access to the ballot.

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